Quick links to tons of career resources
   I feel "stuck" and don't know where to start with my career plan.
   I need a resume and cover letter.  Where can I find  templates?
   I need a job.  Where can I find job postings?
   What is Labour Market Research and how do I do it properly?
   What are some funding options for post secondary education?
  What do I need to do if I want to start my own business?
  HELP! I'm not having any luck with my job search!
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  • If you are a youth (under 21 yrs old), contact your high school guidance counsellor.

  • If you are unemployed or underemployed (low wages, few work hours) contact your local Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour to meet with an employment counsellor

  • Visit, email or phone a Work Room Career Resource Centre

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  Connect to a variety of government programs and services
      I am a student who needs a summer job.